La modalità di accredito è specifica per ciascuno dei tre enti partner e viene di seguito dettagliata.
L’edizione online di TFI Torino Film Industry (dal 6 al 10 dicembre) permetterà agli accreditati di ciascuno dei tre eventi di partecipare anche ad alcune delle iniziative proposte dagli altri partner, che saranno indicate successivamente all’interno della programmazione.

Production Days of Film Commission Torino Piemonte:
networking events, workshops and one-to-one meetings between Piedmontese professionals and international players

Free accreditation (both for the live version and for the online version).

Access to the entire FCTP – Production Days program is free of charge through accreditation and subsequent booking to each events.

The accreditation is unique for all interested categories (producers, professionals, institutions, press, cinema students, etc ...) and will allow you to participate in the entire Production Days’ program, namely:

- the live program, from November 26 to November 30 at Circolo dei lettori and Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento

- the online edition, December 6-10 which will allow on-demand access to a selection of the live program (to retrieve or review some of the content offered during the 5 days), and organize one-to-one meetings with the entire network of TFI Torino Film Industry (composed of the accredited FCTP Production Days together with TorinoFilmLab and Torino Short Film Market network).

Accreditation opening: September 20

Accreditation closing: no later than November 15 (it won’t be possible to ask for the accreditation on site)

For info:

Meeting Event of TorinoFilmLab (from November 29 to December 1): 
international co-production market and showcase of projects, films and talents developed at TFL
access by invitation-only  (for live version)
Possibility of requesting accreditation (for online version) 

For more information:
Accreditation opening: October 2021

Torino Short Film Market (from November 29 to December 10)
is an international market focused mainly on the short film ecosystem.
Participation in the event (both in presence, in Turin, and online) is subject to accreditation payment.

Accreditation opening: July 13,  2021 (see WHO)

The online edition of TFI Torino Film Industry (December 6-10) will allow those accredited for each of the three events to also participate in some of the initiatives offered by the other partners, which will be hightlighted later in the event schedule.