Torino Music Forum in collaboration with TFI

16 Novembre 2021

Torino Music Forum in collaboration with TFI

This year TFI Torino Film Industry and the Torino Film Festival are supported by the Torino Music Forum, which contributes to making Turin the city of art all around with its program full of musical appointments. The event will take place on the same days as TFF, from the 26th of November to the 4th of December 2021, to emphasize the synergy between the two events.

With more than 50 selected artists, the program aims to satisfy all music lovers thanks to its great variety in genres: from electro-swing to classical music, from jazz to contemporary dance. The Torino Music Forum is also an opportunity for young Turin artists to make themselves known to a local level, and to fill the streets of the city with music and life thanks to the 8 different locations. The central theme, however, will always be cinema, with reinterpretations and concerts based on musicals and soundtracks.

The project is born from an idea by Francesco Astore and it was organized thanks to the collaboration with the Cooperativa Centro Spettacolo Network, already known for the realization of the Torino Jazz Festival, another musical event that is greatly awaited. The bookings are available through the Torino Film Festival website.

The first event will be on the 26th of November, at 10.30 pm at the "Blah blah" in Via Po, with a live musical accompaniment that will try to recreate the atmosphere of Italian cinema's 70's Golden Age. The event will be a tribute to the Turinese director Carlo Ausino, who passed a year ago.

The full program is available at this link and it provides more information about the daily events.