CNA Cinema Audiovisivo Piemonte: "The first time at TFI to close one year of activity towards businesses, employees and relationships with the institutions"

November 25, 2021

CNA Cinema Audiovisivo Piemonte: "The first time at TFI to close one year of activity towards businesses, employees and relationships with the institutions"

Frìor the first time, CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo Piemonte actively joins the 4th edition of TFI Torino Film Industry, as a partner and sponsor of the Production Days organized by Film Commission Torino Piemonte, to strengthen the presence of the industry in the whole branch. A presence that will be carried out by a structured presence during the 5 days of programming and will make the association protagonist of two panels within the rich schedule of the initiative.

"We consider our participation to the TFI to be very meaningful - Mattia Puleo explained, the regional president of CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo Piemonte - because it is the culminating point of a year of intensive work. In this period, we developed and reinforced our relationship with the Regional assessor for the productive activities, and it was important to push for the cinema and audiovisual industry to be seen not only as a cultural production but an industrial one as well so that we can lay the foundations to create an active network between businesses and employees. It was important to confirm that only the growth of local business patterns can make a meaningful impact on the true presence of a branch on a territory, and so avoid marginality. The system of Piedmont, today, can confirm an active international presence on the subject of documentaries and a series of skills ready to be made available to big national and foreign productions."


The first appointment will be Saturday, November 27 at 4.30 PM, at the Museo del Risorgimento: Working on a (Film) Highway: the production-cinema district in the year of change"

One year from the presentation of the research “The cinema and audiovisual industry in Piedmont” and the meeting “The careers of the cinema set in Piedmont: what to do? Prospects and education”, TFI Production Days goes back to putting the world of set professionals under the spotlight, discussing the current changes with interlocutors and observers on a national level, speculating new synergies between businesses and individual professionals, and defining with the most strategic institutions new guidelines to support the industry.

The panel will see the participation of Andrea Tronzano, Assessor to Productive Activities of Regione Piemonte, Delio Zanzottera Regional Secretary of CNA Piemonte, Mattia Puleo President of CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo of Piemonte.


On Tuesday, November 30 at 5.30 pm, again at the Museo del Risorgimento, there will be the panel “HOW GREEN IS THE FILM VALLEY”, which will focus on:

1. education: the theme of "green managers" as a new professional figure. How can this new career be trained? What characteristics should the potential green manager have? What will his role be in the next years?

2. the "shopping list": a set lives on distributors of any kind, which need to be "green" themselves to allow for a good sustainability performance of the film. At what point is this "shopping list"? In which branches do we still see more struggles? What are the prospects for the future?

3. Compensation: at the end of a film production (as for any productive activity, and we could say even human) we're always left with a fair number of emissions, remains, and waste. Is it possible to compensate for it, which is to say getting to a "zero-emission" goal?

On stage: Gianluca Della Campa (EOS Foundation Counselor) Luca Ferrario (Trentino Film Commission Director) Flavio Dotta (CEO Fly Food) Fabrizio Cecioni (CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo Piemonte and CEO of Are Film) Lorenzo Vecchi (COO di Zen 2030)


To check out the program of the Production Days CLICK HERE

Access to the TFI and Production Days is reserved for accredited guests only.

Whoever is interested in taking part in the panels can check for availability here: “WORKING ON A (FILM) HIGHWAY: Il distretto produzione-cinema nell'anno della svolta”