Meeting, market, and platform for international co-production that puts on the spotlight new talents and latest trends in cinema and audiovisuals, TFI Torino Film Industry once again takes place in the days of the Torino Film Festival, reaffirming itself as the work & business soul of the historic cinematographic event of the city.

TFI Torino Film Industry is a Film Commission Torino Piemonte project that includes and networks: TFL ITALIA, organized by the National Museum of Cinema’s TorinoFilmLab, PRODUCTION DAYS organized by the Film Commission Torino Piemonte itself and TSFM Vol. 7 (TALENTS AND SHORT FILM MARKET, formerly known as Torino Short Film Market.

A fifth edition that hosts IDS – Italian Doc Screenings – organized by Doc/It Associazione Documentaristi Italiani – and which is realized in close collaboration with the Torino Film Festival and Museo Nazionale del Cinema, promoted by Regione Piemonte and Città di Torino and again made possible by the support of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo which will take place in Turin from the 24th to the 30th of November.


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TorinoFilmLab is a laboratory for professionals of international audiovisuals, organized by the National Museum of Cinema. It offers education, development, and financing activities thanks to annual itineraries focusing on feature films, TV shows, and story editing; intensive workshops both online and live; and two funds for the support of the production and distribution of international co-productions.
Since 2018, TFL works with the other main institutions in the Piedmont cinema industry for the realization of Torino Film Industry, bringing in its network of masterclass experts to share best practices and facilitate the networking. In the 2022 edition it introduces the new TFL Italia section, which promotes the collaboration between the Italian cinema environment and the international one, supporting Italian professionals with a high-level education, sharing its skills and its global community with the national cinematographic institutions that are already active on education and collaborations with foreign countries. It aims to become a reference point for foreign companies and representatives that are interested in a dialogue with the Italian industry on both an institutional and private level.

The Production Days begin in 2016 as a complex of industrial activities curated by Film Commission Torino Piemonte, born from the experience developed since 2008 with several projects – including Piemonte Doc Meeting, Piemonte Brand Meeting, New Media Days, In.Di.Days. – organized during the entire year to offer networking and business opportunities to Piedmont’s production societies. They take place simultaneously and in collaboration with individual events dedicated to cinema and the audiovisual industry in Piedmont, with the principal goal of strengthening the network of relationships with other important institutions on the territory.
In 2018, the decision to launch a structured collaboration with Talents and Short Film Market and TorinoFilmLab brings to the creation of the first TFI Torino Film Industry, which ever since the beginning takes place in conjunction and cooperation with the Torino Film Festival. In fact, since that year the Production Days are entirely a part of the program of the TFI Torino Film Industry and have become a grounding part of it.

Reaching its seventh edition, Torino Short Film Market changes its name and becomes Talents and Short Film Market (TSFM). TSFM was founded in 2016 as an international market mainly focused on the short film industry and all its surrounding environments. The goal of TSFM is to enhance the role of short films, with an attention for both the single project and the industry, thus allowing the growth of new authors and talents.
Since 2016, six editions in presence and one online have been organized. In 2021, TSFM took place in a hybrid form, both online and in presence: 451 accredited guests (of which 201 from foreign countries), 48 countries represented, 120 events in presence, and about 574 short films in the Video Library coming from 75 countries, of which 179 were first films. TSFM vol. 7 will again take place in a hybrid form this year: from the 27th to the 30th of November in person in Turin, and from the 1st to the 4th of December online.