The full programme of the third edition of TFI Torino Film Industry will be available as of November 10, 2020, on which day all accredited guests will be able to access the platform and start planning their networking activities.

We remind you that applications for free accreditation may be made by November 16.


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Friday 20 November

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Pitch: Short comedies

    A pitching session exclusively dedicated to international comedy genre shorts. Selected participants will have 5′ to introduce their projects.

    - And He Said Yes!, by Gintare Parulyte, Luxembourg
    - Greedy Arne Meet Death, by Lars Vega, Sweden
    - New Abnormal, by Sorayos Prapapan, Thailand
    - The Scarf, by Andrea Iannetta, Germany/Italy
    - This is Katharine, by Ida H. Eldoen, Norway
    - Las Visitantes, by Enrique Buleo, Spain/France

    The event will be available on the Filmchief platform, pitches will also be available on-demand on Bsquare

  • 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
    Pitch: Sonego

    A pitching session for upcoming italian short film productions based on the competition for short film scripts initiated by lago film fest.

    - Avanti o popolo, by Niccolo Orlandini
    - Day 3286, by Angelo Calarco & Massimo Pica
    - Dietro la verità, by Giulia Castagnetti
    - Fuori luogo, by Angelo Martucci
    - Gente con cui devi fare i conti, by Ruben Marciano & Giulio Lepri
    - Neighbors, by Elettra Sofia Mauri & Tancredi Bua
    - Nickpark, by Bruno Ugioli - Riderà, by Marcello Pedretti & Roberta Martinelli
    - Rintra e Fuora, by Greta Frontani & Elisa Orrico

    The event will be available on the Filmchief platform, pitches will also be available on-demand on Bsquare

  • 03:00 PM - 05:30 PM
    Workshop: Diverse, inclusive, sustainable: The European short film industry online

    A workshop dedicated to short film promoters about the analysis of the lively and diverse European short film industry online and also aimed at introducing the market’s new protagonists and how they are shaping the future of distribution.

    The introduction Creative Europe - Recap and Looking Ahead will be held by the CED MEDIA Italy and Sweden and it will be followed by Everything You Always Wanted to Know About VoD * But Were Afraid to Ask - the Short Version held by EuroVoD.

    Moderated by Michael Gubbins (SampoMedia), Carla Vulpiani (Programmer, TSFM)

    In collaboration with Creative Europe Desk MEDIA – Italy and Sweden, EuroVoD

    Co-curated by Carla Vulpiani (Programmer, TSFM), Silvia Sandrone (CED Italy – Torino), Ulrika Nisell (CED Sweden – Stockholm), Silvia Cibien (EuroVoD), Agustina Lumi (EuroVoD)

    Guests: Weerada Sucharitkul (FilmDoo), Eva Essen Arndorff (TriArt Play), Lucie Canistro (Univer- sCiné), Ben Vandendaele (Radiators IP Sales), Wendy Bernfeld (Rights Stuff)

  • 09:00 PM - 10:30 PM
    Screening: SeeYouSound

    SYS - 7Inch – Short Film Is a Punk Medium!, 75’ Short Films programme curated by Chiara Rosaia, Matteo Pennacchia, Sara Bianchi (Seeyou- sound Festival)

    - Darling by Saim Sadiq, Pakistan, 2019, 16’
    - David French Is a Piece of Sh*t and I Want Him Dead by Mark Van Heusden, United Kingdom, 2019, 12’
    - Journey Through a Body by Camille Degeye, France, 2019, 32’
    - Mon juke-box by Florentine Grelier, France, 2018, 15’

    The event will be available on the Filmchief platform

Saturday 21 November